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So you’ve decided it’s time to do something about your health and fitness. So what’s your next step?

At Solutions Health & Fitness Club we understand that the words ‘exercise’ and ‘gym’ can be scary, especially for the people who need it most. We continually strive to create a welcoming atmosphere that allows people of all fitness levels and abilities to feel comfortable and capable of achieving their personal best. Regardless of your age, size or challenges, we have something for you.

Step 1: Visit the Club

By visiting the Club, you can see the facilities we have on offer and meet some of the team who will be here to support you on your fitness journey. We recommend coming at the time you plan on exercising once you get started. This way you can get a feel for what it’s going to be like.

Step 2: Do a trial workout

If you’ve exercised before, we recommend actually doing a workout at the Club. You’ll get a chance to check out the equipment and our instructors. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your workout experience with us.If you’re new to exercise and want to do a trial workout, we’d recommend you either do one of our group fitness classes or water workouts or alternatively, book in for a session with one of our personal trainers. This way you’ll have someone guiding you through your first workout. Remember, you’re only new once, so the next time will be much easier.

Step 3: Choose the membership option that suits you best

Whether you’re planning on visiting the Club everyday, once a week or just visiting the area, we have an option to suit you.



  • Guest members pay a casual fee to access any of the Club’s facilities
  • Multiple activities can be completed during the one visit

7 day passes and 10 & 20 session passes

Ideal for people who are:

  • Visitors to Mackay
  • Just trying us out
  • Doing only one session a week at the Club
  • Participating in our water workout classes


Ideal for those wanting to exercise at the Club as often as they choose, plus have the benefit of an initial fitness assessment and follow-up reviews of your progress and programs. We have two levels of membership available:


  • Full use of gym, electronic equipment and RPM indoor cycling classes
  • Initial fitness assessment and gym program with 1st review after 4 weeks, followed by bi-monthly reviews
  • Use of pool at available times. Times may vary throughout the year. Does not include Water Workout classes
  • Discounted access to all group fitness classes and water workout classes. $7.50 per class or 10 sessions for $50
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  • All FIT PASS membership entitlements PLUS all group fitness classes and GRIT workouts
  • Discounted access to water workout classes. $7.50 per class or 10 sessions for $50
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  • Memberships can either be via direct debit or in full
  • Direct Debit memberships are offered on a 12 month minimum term or no minimum term basis


Working with a Personal Trainer may be useful if:

  • You are new to exercise
  • You aren’t feeling or looking the way you want
  • You are not getting consistent results, or the results you want
  • You are inconsistent with workouts (work out less than 3 times a week)
  • You don’t know what to do, how to do it, how long to do it or when to change it up
  • You are injured, have special needs, are rehabilitating, or have a health condition


  • Available either as individual sessions, 10 session packs or on an ongoing basis
  • Session packs can be paid in full or via direct debit


Some people get their best results from working in a small group under the guidance of a personal trainer. Not only do you get all the benefits of working with a personal trainer, it is cost-effective and brings a sense of camaraderie and competition to the workout that motivates people to work just that little bit harder.

Solutions has been part of the Mackay community for over 26 years.  We’d love to help you start or continue your health & fitness journey. Contact us today!

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